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Badge, 'Greenpeace'

Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa


circa 1985

This badge effectively combines a rainbow as a symbol of the anti-nuclear movement with the brutal bombing of the Rainbow Warrior – a Greenpeace protest ship. The Rainbow Warrior was moored in Auckland in 1985 when two bombs ripped through it. The ship's photographer died retrieving his camera. Unhappy France Two French government agents were caught and imprisoned for manslaughter. The bombing was intended to stop the Rainbow Warrior protesting against French nuclear testing at Moruroa atoll. The attack galvanised the anti-nuclear movement in New Zealand, and NewZealand–French relations soured. France wanted its agents back and threatened to block New Zealand's trade access to European markets if this didn't happen. With important export markets at stake, politics won out over principles. The New Zealand government agreed to the agents being transferred to Hao atoll, where they served reduced sentences before returning to France as heroes. Wearing protest The visual culture of anti-...

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